30 Days To Social

Ready to take the OVERWHELM out of Social Media?

6 weeks + 1 hour a day = We’ll Make It Happen

Registration Opens August 1st 2013


Let’s just go ahead and put it out there, ok? Social Media is OVERWHELMING and TIME CONSUMING.  I’m betting if you’ve landed here today that’s probably exactly how you’re feeling. Perhaps you are even looking to OUTSOURCE the whole process to help take some of the OVERLOAD off your plate.

Before you make any final decisions I would like to ask you to consider an ALTERNATIVE.  Yes an ALTERNATIVE – one that puts you back in the driver’s seat.

Why?  It’s SIMPLE really, because I believe that nothing in our business should be out of our hands that – DRIVES PROFIT – DETERMINES PRESENCE – OR BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS. I’m betting you hold that same belief but you probably haven’t seen the fruit of your social media labor; therefore, you are ready to throw in the preverbial towel.

So, do social media platforms REALLY have that kind of IMPACT on your business? Do they DRIVE PROFIT, DETERMINE PRESENCE, and BUILD RELATIONSHIPS?

Keep reading and decide for yourself.


Barbara has been a tremendous help to my company when it comes to social media.  Initially when I first consulted with Barbara,  I was most impressed that she came to our first meeting with an understanding of my business and provided excellent advice on how to improve my social media presence.. To this day Barbara continues to provide advice and helpful tips to ensure that my company is on top of everything new when it comes to social media. “  

-N.Blair, Professional Organizer

The above is just some insight into some REAL life experience we know to be FACT. Perhaps you are not quite ready to accelerate your momentuem at things intensely for 30 days and that’s okay.  But if that’s the case then I would suggest you check out our 7 days of 77 seconds here.

However, I know some of you reading this are completely SERIOUS and ready to take a DEEP DIVE into becoming your own SOCIAL MEDIA MAVEN/MAVRICK.  So you for you COURAGEOUS souls here’s the scoop on my qualifications and what’s in it for YOU.


  • I am a certified social media expert, international coach and Amazon best-selling author… whose singular focus with businesses is social media mastery and maximazation.
  • My training skills span over 20 years – this means I know how to take you from A-Z in our learning experience together.
  • My 15+ years in the project management industry lends credibility to my ability to ensure you and I stay the course with all the necessary checks and balances.
  • The best part of it all is that your capacity will be built to LAND AND KEEP YOU IN in the END YOU ARE THE ONE IN THE DRIVERS SEAT.  When our time is completed YOU will have a PLAN that you will continue to implement on day 31!

 Your results will be immediate, but also sustainable.

 Why 30 Days To Social…

30 Days To Social is an intense and hands on approach to understanding social media, in order to leverage these virtual tools and communities into measurable increase for your business. Instead of simply outsourcing this PROFIT-GENERATOR, 30 Days To Social is designed to make your time on social media MORE impactful by bringing it in-house and aligning every tweet, post and picture with your core business strategy.

At the end of 30 days, you’ll know the (exact) “why”, “how” and ‘when” behind every social media “what.”

No guessing. No waiting.  No hoping.

 30 Days To Social  includes:

  • One-on-One private sessions over the course of 30 business days/ 6 weeks with Barbara Pender, your Social Sage.
  • My commitment to you will be for one hour each day, which will include both training and application.
  • A unique formula I’ve created to deliver both IMMEDIATE and SUSTAINABLE RESULTS to YOU.
  • A COLLABORATIVE, CUSTOMIZED plan to BENEFIT YOU based on your needs and goals.

In the beginning we UTILIZE what you already have in place no recreating the wheel here. Then when the TIME is right we’ll EXPAND into other areas of social media.  Finally as a follow up we will schedule one Social Sage Scope call to analyze how progress is moving along after day 31


 This is a single-task approach to social media. No multi-tasking! Bring me a full hour and I will deliver…

 Solid strategy!  Consistent implementation! Measurable results!

With 30 Days To Social, we will carve out the time necessary to master and maximize social media efforts.  Every business is different, and your experience will be fully customized.

If your are still not sure take a few minutes and ask me anything you want about the program.  YEP you get to talk directly to me.  You can schedule your call by clicking the button below.



 ***A Special Bonus Just for YOU***

Just in case you are still not convinced let me sweeten the pot just a little bit for you.  If you register for this first round of 30 DAYS TO SOCIAL PRE-LAUNCH, I have some extra goodies just for you.

You can FINALLY get your newsletter launched.

  • You’ll receive a 30 day FREE TRIAL with Constant Contact
  • Your Newsletter template will be created for you
  • Your initial email auto responders will be set up for you.
  • Before our time is up you’ll send out your first official newsletter
  • I know your online presence moves beyond the borders of social media so I’m also offering you a Website Review to give you some tips and tricks on how to improve your presence there.  (Did I mention I experience in the ADVERTISING WORLD? Hint Hint- I know what to look for).

Just a FUN FACT to let you know how valuable this BONUS is : A recent 2013 study by the Content Marketing Institute, which found that 33% of B2B marketing budgets are now allocated to content marketing, which is up from 26% in 2011

I know that COMITTING to even just ONE HOUR A DAY is big for a small business owner.

So just ask yourself if that ONE HOUR A DAY for 30 DAYS could CHANGE the course of my business and create INCREASED PROFIT, a SOLIDIFIED PRESENCE, and MORE MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS with clients is it worth it?


From Day 1, you will perform better and increase your usage on the social media platforms.

Your accounts will be complete and you will be able to measure your results.
You have the plan, you’re working your plan; now let’s allow social media to do its part.

Because this is our PRE-LAUNCH of 30 DAYS TO SOCIAL we are offering it at a one time price of $3497 for those who REGISTER in the month of August only

After the August promotion, the price will increase to $4997 for all future registrations.

It all begins on August 1st are you in?

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